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From press bulletin:

   Conservatories showcase talent at
Grachtenfestival Conservatorium Concours 2005

At the third Grachtenfestival Conservatorium Concours this past Sunday, May 29 2005, the most talented students of Dutch conservatories competed for the Grachtenfestival prize: a concert during the Grachtenfestival in August. The winner this year is pianist Viktoriya Yermolyeva.

The jury had this to say about her: "When she began to play, we forgot about the concours. Her play was visual, transcendent, clear and superior."

Amsterdam, 30 May, 2005

From reference to recital in Milan, Italy:

   "Tecnica brillante, sensibilita elettrica ed elettrizzante, grande capacita di concentrazione, presenza scenica intensa e suggestiva creano intorno ai concerti di Viktorya un’attenzione quasi spasmodica; la contemplazione del bello musicale acquista grazie alle sue qualita l’indimenticabile sensazione di un’evento unico ed irripetibile, l’emozione dell’attimo che fugge e che vorremmo fermare, struggente ed appagante a un tempo... "

Milan, May 5, 2005

From press-release:

    Piano wonder - Confident and effortless

And the pianist wonder? There she was, the young, self-assured Viktoriya Yermoleva from the Ukraine, with six preludes from Rachmaninoff. H er Slavic soul on full display. Number 3 was almost like a song over the sound of the waves, Number 4 was immensely masculine, Number 5 dreamy and Number 6 imposing. The special thing was her easy-going and calm predominance, and virtuoso play; something usually reserved for an older more experienced pianist. Thanks to Merzahnov and his assistants we saw outstanding performances from all musicians this evening.

Spaichingen (sb) "Heuberger Zate"
July 16, 2001

From reference:

   "I have listened to Viktoriya Yermolyeva, a young pianist, at the course in Germany (Spaichingen, Sauter). Her performance proves that she has a great artistic and musical talent. Enormous mastery possibilities, refined melodiousness, rich fantasy, real artistic temperament..."

Professor Victor Merzhanov

From letter:

   " V. Yermolyeva is exclussively gifted. She possesses both high professionalism and (what is the most important to me) has her own creative personality, her own approach to music and it's interpretation. It is always very interesting to listen to Viktoriya. I am sure that she become a first-class pianist with a wonderful artistic future."

Professor Lazar Berman


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      Viktoriya Yermolyeva was born in Kiev in 1978. She graduated with honours from Kiev Lysenko Specialized Music High School (1996), piano class of Prof. Iryna Lipatova and National P. Tchaikovsky Music Academy of the Ukraine (2000), piano class of Prof. Igor Ryabov.
      She studied in the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Weimar (D), postgraduate course with Prof. Peter Waas and simultaneously in the years 2001-2003, studied in the International Piano Academy "Incontri col Maestro" in Imola (I) with Prof. Lazar Berman.
      In the years 2003-2006 Viktoriya Yermolyeva studied in the Codarts Academy of Music and Modern Dance, at Rotterdam Conservatory, the Netherlands and graduated with honours from postgraduate course with Prof. Aquiles Delle-Vigne.
      She participated in many prestigous master classes and worked under Prof. Vladimir Krainev, Norma Fisher, Viktor Merzhanov, Diane Andersen, Karl-Heinz Kammerling.
      Viktoriya is award-winning pianist with long-term experience of public appearances as Concert Performer solo and with Symphonic Orchestras, Accompanist and Artist of Chamber Ensemble and certificated piano teacher.
      She took part in Musical Festivals in Kiev (Ukraine), in Sorrento, Spoleto, Novara, Vietri sul Mare (Italy), in Amsterdam (Grachtenfestival 2005), in Leipzig (EuroArts 2006).
      As a soloist she has been appearing with Dninpropetrovsk Symphonic Orchestra with the conductor Blinov, Mykolaiv Symphonic Orchestra with the conductor Oleksandr Roman'ko, Chernigiv Symphonic Orchestra with the conductor Mykola Sukach, Kaunas Chamber Orchestra with the conductor Pavel Berman, Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo with the conductor M o Fabiano Monica, Jena Philharmonic Symphonic Orchestra with the conductor Kohei Sodeoka.

      She won prizes in many piano competitions, among others:
1st Prize at "Filippo Trevisan" International for Piano Interpretation (I).
Winner of The Grachtenfestival 2005 Amsterdam
1st Prize at 35th International Competition ""Vincenzo Bellini"(I)
1st Prize at 20th International Piano Competition "Citta di Marsala" (I)
1st Prize at International Piano Competition “Citta' Di Trani” (I). 
1st Prize at 4th Sigismund Thalberg International Piano Prize (I)
Grand Prix at 9th Pierre Lantier International Music Competition in duet with V.Dmitriev (flute) (Fr).

      Viktoriya has been given recitals in concert halls  of Kiev (National Philharmonic society of Ukraine), Zwickau (D) (Schumann's Museum Hall), in Weimar's German National-Theater, Castle Theatre Ballenstedt (D), De Doelen Rotterdam and many others.

      In recognition of her achievements she obtained in 2001 Grant offered by Ruth Westen Pavese, Grant offered by Giovanni Doria, Grant offered by Inter-Cities Performing Arts Foundation. In 2002 she obtained Scholarship granted by Franz Liszt Music Institute in Weimar (D) and in 2003 - Scholarship granted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and Grant offered by Avv. Francesco Paolucci delle Roncole.


    Live recordings

Rachmaninov S.

Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini:   Variation 18, Andante Cantabile (616 Kb .mp3)
  Prelude g dur (MP3):
  Prelude d dur (MP3):

Liszt F.

  Sonetto 104 del Petrarca (MP3):
  Sonetto 123 del Petrarca (MP3):


Nocturne op. 9 no. 2

Willem Tanke

composition "Train in the sky" piano - Viktoriya Yermolyeva;
drums - Soto Douvaki
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